Havas Anikó - Current exhibition - Aesthetics of the Error - "Ecce Homo Artificalis" II.- July 23, - December 23, 2023

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"Walls - Artificial Dream Images" 2023 - Promptography, Pigment Ink Print

As in a dream, algorithms combine images according to our text instructions, combine new impressions and stored knowledge into a graphic remix that seems surreal and yet strangely trusted. The result is disturbing images that resemble dream scenarios and hallucinations - intermediate worlds and parallel realities in which reality and free association mix.

A typical dream of a wall looks something like this: We are walking around somewhere and all the rooms are somehow mixed up, twisted or untraceable.
If someone dreams of a wall, he may feel powerless because he cannot overcome it. But it is also possible that the dreaming feels them as a protective wall behind which he can hide. It is important for the dream interpretation, which function the dream symbol has and what exactly happens to the wall in the dream. In dream interpretation, the dream symbol "wall" generally marks a border. Depending on the individual life situation, the dreaming either feels restricted by something in his life or he has built a protective wall for himself.

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